The best Iberian quality in Holland

Mijn Iberico is synonym of taste and quality. We are born with the goal of bringing the best Iberian quality from Spain to Holland, directly from the producer. We only sell products coming from pigs raised free-range in meadows with natural feeding, as Spanish tradition dictates from centuries back. We will never sell products coming from intensive farming, or fed with artifical or low quality products. That’s our commitment: quality.

Buy Iberian Ham in Netherlands

We are here to offer you the best Iberian ham from Spain. Yes, we have the best quality ham from Spain in the whole of Holland. The ham is stored in refrigerated chambers in Holland, which allows us to do 2 things. On the one hand to keep the Iberian ham in perfect condition and on the other hand to send the product within 24 hours in the Netherlands.

Superior Iberian ham

Our pure-bred Iberian ham is a treat for the palate and a pleasure for the senses. Now from our online shop specialised in charcuterie you will have the opportunity to buy hams online and be closer to this delicacy. We specialise in the sale and delivery of Iberian ham with Denomination of Origin. Discover a meeting point with the most authentic quality and flavour from the hand of acorn-fed Iberian hams, as well as a wide range of delicatessen products in the form of cold meats, assortments and Iberian creams.

Buy whole ham

We offer whole acorn-fed Iberian ham made in the traditional way, with pure Iberian pigs reared in extensive pastures of holm oaks, gall oaks and cork oaks, where these animals are reared and fattened in the wild, taking advantage of the natural resources that this ecosystem offers during the montanera season (from October to February), mainly natural pastures and acorns (consuming approximately 9-11 kg of acorns per animal per day).

Iberian bellota ham – buy ham in spain

At Mijniberico we bring the best Iberian ham from Spain to Holland. We offer free shipping for purchases over 75€ and we deliver the Iberian ham and other products to your home within 24 hours. We know that time is money and that is why we provide you with these quality products in record time.